Of Rice And Mein 2

I hope you're sitting down. Huge surprise ahead. Sailors tend to drink and can often be found in beach bars. I know. It shocked me too. Plus as an added revelation, the better the beach bar the better the chances of finding those with bigger crews. Amazing, right? When you're looking to sign on as … Continue reading Of Rice And Mein 2

Of Rice And Mein

    There are times when just twenty more minutes in that hammock means everything. And there are times when certain tasks regardless of importance seem, shall we say, tedious? With maturity comes a stronger desire to prioritize ones’ own time and too many outside demands are frustrating. Still, there remains the need to maintain … Continue reading Of Rice And Mein

Ona Huli Huli Chicken – Lani Kai Nights

 After soaking in the dark rum sauce this chicken is what the Hawaiians would call Ona, drunk. Only this time it means infused with rich rum and deeply satisfying tropical tastes. It is a deliciously sophisticated upscale version of a true Hawaiian backyard party favorite.    Waves of flavors, from the deep sophisticated sweet of … Continue reading Ona Huli Huli Chicken – Lani Kai Nights