Why a man should learn to cook and why women like it.

When I first started reading my Grandfather’s journals, the yearn to learn built quickly. Learning to cook so that I could replicate the dishes he created also gave me an unexpected bonus. I had often wondered what secret an average looking man like my Grandfather possessed that attracted the exotic and amazing women with whom he was “Inmtimately involved” as they say in polite circles. Painstaking research, done on your behalf, has led to some sweet results. The biggest answer was what I was learning to do…cook!

It seems to be a well-documented fact that women find men cooking a very sexy thing. Who knew, right? There is something very sensual about cooking and presenting the result even if it is simply creating a drink or a cup of coffee. Perhaps that’s why bartenders are so sexy to women?  The recipes on this blog are easy to make and most have a component that means you will be cooking as she watches. I know! Good combo, That scenario came to mind quickly when I read an article with women saying things like:

“Men in the kitchen are super sexy…It’s hard not to fall in love with the man while you’re watching him cook for you!”

Women pick up on the signal you’re sending that a man who can cook can add something new and positive to her life. Fortunately, the reverse is usually true because when she sees that you can cook, and even better that you enjoy doing it, she knows her future with you could be anything but stereotypical. While there are still some women out there who prefer the kitchen duties and don’t want to relinquish that Bastion of Femininity, most women now find a man who can cook pleasing in many different ways. Developing new skills makes anyone more interesting, and cooking is definitely one of the skills.  Men who have the ability to create a delicious dinner with a romantic atmosphere at home are miles ahead of their competition. Women can be incredibly perceptive. Learning, planning, and accomplishing with ease and humor all feed into those same receptors. And the idea that someone would go so far to create something enjoyable for her cements it all together. It has/does for me.

There’s also, as with most things, a financial aspect. If a man cooks incredible things like you can learn here he can always set up a budget-friendly, less intimidating date like a picnic. Things like picnics do away with “not dating because you’re broke” plus they are a very slick idea when you’re married.  No matter if you just started dating or dating your bride (as she so richly deserves) then there are plenty of places you can go to have a picnic. I have picnicked in places as far-flung as sitting on a hillside of flowers overlooking a half a dozen unnamed islands, to a totally magically huge waterfall in Washington. Each place better than the last. I have almost completed an upcoming post entitled “Tuia Moa” that creates spicy South Pacific skewered chicken with guava dipping sauce and sweet potato fries that I’m thinking would work perfectly. In fact, it did. If you know each other a little and feel comfortable inviting her over, then the date becomes even cheaper and better with dinner at home. That also opens up more opportunities to create different, more involved things. Like I say, why simply create a great meal when you can create a full-blown fantasy evening? Let me just say that the recipe for Kapua’s Spell ( Sweet butter and dark rum glazed scallops with brown rice and mango salsa) ranks number one with most. Make it and let me know.

It is a no-brainer that most romantic situations begin with good conversation. Since everyone likes talking about food, cooking can be a great conversation starter. Bragging about your cooking skills can be dangerous (not to mention a boring turn -off) but laughingly relating stories about bad experiences or kitchen near-disasters usually leads to her laughing which is super important for attraction. Moreover, you can develop a sense of connection using one of the most fundamental elements in everyone’s life – food. So, unless she is among the walking dead and doesn’t like to eat, talking about your experiences with cooking can help you connect with any woman on a deeper level.

I’ll leave you with one of the best quotes I came across in my exhaustive research :

 “I do know that watching a man use his hands to delicately create something turns my mind towards what else his hands can delicately do!”
I rest my case.






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