Froze Goes – A Grown-up Slushy

  One of my best childhood memories is of  bombing down PCH  (Pacific Coast Highway to non-locals) in an old VW van with my Grandfather R.B. at the wheel, Beach Boys blasting out of the cassette player, and long open beaches flashing by the window. When the stars alinged and the market was right we would drive down the California coast to visit a friend of his that owned a wholesale fruit company in San Diego. We’d load up on mangoes and pineapple and any tropical fruit he had. Once back home we would begin what R.B. called Practicle/Hands On Educational Activities. I called it free labor. Call it what you want, I loved every bit of it. Cleaning and chopping up all that fruit was when R.B. would tell his best stories , mixed with some gems of  wisdom that I still use. Here’s one – the best way to preserve mangoes and pineapple is to dice them and freeze them on a baking sheet. When they are good and frozen you can transfer to plastic bag for longer storage. Read on to find out the best use of these frozen bits of tropical delisciosity.    

To a lot of the world the essential rum drink is a Daiquiri.  Sipping a slushy, semi-frozen concotion goes a long way towards cooling off a hot Summer. Putting his own twist to it R.B. made the ultimate Summertime fruity, kick back, cool down to your toes drink. His all time favorite fruits were mangoes ( “Goes” in his language) and of course pineapple so he combined them with rum and a couple of extras and christen it “Froze Goes”. So, in honor of my Grandfather, and with a desire to consume rum in almost any fashion, follow these directions for a very adult tropical taste treat…   

Suggested listening – This song most assuredly fits R.B. McCarthy’s philosophy.

For Brenda


4 ounces light rum1 lime (peeled and cut in half)

2 tablespoons sugar

1 cup diced frozen mango

1 cup diced frozen pineapple

2 cups ice  ( do I need to specify frozen?)

  I let the frozen fruit soften on the counter for a few minutes. It seems to highten the tropical taste if they thaw just a little. This comes out very smooth and slushy but the “layers” of room temp liquids, to soft frozen fruits, and hard frozen ice really are important. If you add the ingredients in order it comes our best. I

Into a willing and waiting blender you first put in the rum. Most people use a light or clear rum here but R.B. went for a golden or more aged rum. I think it gives the drink a warmer, softer taste.

Next add the  sugar and the lime – because you want it sweet but not too sweet.

Then add the pineapple, and mango chunks because that’s what it’s all about …despite the Hokey Pokey claims.

Fianlly add the ice – the cool down to your toes tool.

Blend on high or until smooth. This should take about 1 to 1.5 minutes on high depending on how much rum you’ve already had.

If you’re by yourself you can use a straw, but if you are serving someone else you might want to use a glass. Tiny umbrella is optional, enjoyment is guaranteed.
Aloha nui


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